FAQs, Answered!

pho jodi ettenberg

Me, before eating a bowl of pho in Saigon, Vietnam

Why did you start this shop?

The map designs came about because I wanted to buy a map of Vietnam's many delicious foods for a friend opening a Vietnamese restaurant. The kind of design I wanted to get just didn't exist—so I decided to make one! 

I partnered with Ella Frances Sanders because I can't draw whatsoever, and she took my sketches and design thoughts and transformed them into beautiful pieces that have been shipped all around the world.

Are you going to make more country maps?

Yes! The plan was to do 10 countries in all, and with the addition of Canada in November 2022, we are at 7. So far, the votes for the next country are tied between France and Spain. If you have a preference, send me a message! 

Do you own any of your own maps?

I do! I have a food map of Vietnam and of Mexico, two countries I lived in and loved, above my kitchen table:

two framed food maps over a square kitchen table

Can I get a custom map?

Because everything is printed on demand, I do have the ability to make custom items if you desire. I've made large-scale posters for restaurants, as well as hoodies and even iPhone cases over the years. Ask and you shall receive!

Why aren't you traveling anymore?

In 2017, I sustained a spinal CSF leak pursuant to a lumbar puncture. I have had four procedures to try and fix the leak, but unfortunately any gains did not last. I have delayed returning for another procedure in the USA (I'm based in Canada), but will likely do so next year. You can read more about what happened to me in this article I wrote for CNN in January 2022.

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